Diversity Strategic Plan

A focus on access, integration, & sustainment

CHARM is committed to broadening participation of women and underrepresented groups in materials science and STEM. We strive to integrate diversity and inclusion in all elements of our education, outreach, and human resources development to cultivate a more inclusive materials community. To achieve this goal, we seek to address barriers that often have systematically inhibited full participation by all, with the guiding principles of access, integration, and sustainment.

students working together on a laptop


CHARM engages underrepresented groups through our layered approach to education and outreach. Every program is viewed through this lens to provide access to opportunities that overcome barriers.

Internal efforts:

    • Diversity task force engaging stakeholders across UD on common goals and collaborative efforts
    • Education seed that focuses on bolstering STEM education for underserved students
    • COE Lending Library collaboration to expand the reach of institutional resources
External programming to provide quality materials science education and experiences for underrepresented students:


Integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into Center activities by ensuring these ideals prevail through all of our activities.

Internal efforts:
    • Cross-departmental outreach collaborations
    • Diversity- and culturally-aware mentorship training
External efforts:


Through access and engagement, we endeavor to provide everyone a seat at the table, where all voices are heard, and all participants can make meaningful contributions.

Internal efforts:

    • Building an inclusive research community
    • MRSEC networking events
External efforts:
    • Maintaining relationships with Center alumni and program participants
    • Creating a pipeline to UD undergrad and grad programs for past summer program participants