Student Spotlights

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Current Spotlights

PI: Benjamin Jungfleisch

Terahertz wave falls in between infrared wave and microwave in the electromagnetic spectrum. Our goal is to make and investigate novel materials as good candidates for teraherhz sources in processing and transporting information as well as probing material properties in the THz frequency regime with THz spectroscopy techniques.

Weipeng Wu

IRG2 Graduate Student

PI: Eric Furst, Chistopher Kloxin, & Darrin Pochan

I use laser light to understand the behavior of proteins in solution. Through different experimental conditions and setups, we can learn about the size, stability, and structure of our protein constructs which can inform the design of these proteins into larger structures.

Kenneth Crane-Moscowitz

IRG1 Graduate Student

Previous Spotlights

PI: Benjamin Jungfleisch

I study the antiferromagnetic magnons using STFMR, BLS and TDTS techniques.

Mohammad Tomal Hossain

IRG2 Graduate Student

PI: Joshua Zide

My research is focused on the growth of novel materials to be implemented in terahertz (THz) technology which can apply to wireless communication or medical diagnosis.

Wilder Acuna Gonzalez

IRG2 Graduate Student

PI: Kristi Kiick

Using bacteria to synthesize temperature-sensitive molecules.

Bin Wang

IRG1 Graduate Student

PI: LaShanda Korley

Using concepts inspired by nature, such as peptide assembly, to make materials stronger and responsive.

Jessica Thomas

IRG1 Graduate Student

PI: Branislav Nikolic

My research focuses on magnetization dynamics, associated current profiles, and Terahertz emission from magnetic materials.

Abhin Suresh

IRG2 Graduate Student

PI: Stephanie Law

My research focuses on topological insulator-induced plasmon coupling with other quasi-particles.

Yongchen Liu

IRG2 Graduate Student

PI: Anderson Janotti

My expertise is in density functional theory and tight-binding calculations for the properties of the heterovalent interfaces and nanoparticles.

Ruiqi Hu

IRG2 Graduate Student

PI: John Xiao

Fabricating various antiferromagnets (AFMs) such as MnPt or NiO and exploring their properties on Terahertz (THz) excitations.

Subhash Bhatt

IRG2 Graduate Student

PIs: April Kloxin, Wilfred Chen, & Christopher Kloxin

Focused on chemistry demonstrated in nature to design and apply proteins as building blocks for multifunctional materials.

Caitlin D'Ambrosio

IRG1 Graduate Student

PI: Jeffrey Saven

I use computers to predict amino acid sequences for a given protein structure and to run simulations of proteins in solution to evaluate their properties.

Rui "Grey" Guo

IRG1 Graduate Student

Alumni Spotlights

PI: Matt Doty

Investigating how waves produced from oscillating electrons interact and move on the surface of topological insulators.

Charles Ameyaw, '23

Product Engineer, Avo Photonics

PI: Kristi Kiick

Using bacteria to make extremely well-defined molecules. Their size can be controlled using temperature.

Sai Patkar, '23

Staff Scientist, Eli Lily

PI: Lars Gundlach

Built a Terahertz (THz) detector measuring how much a material generates/absorbs THz wavelengths.

Joseph Avenoso, '22

Optical Systems Engineer, CACI

PI: Christopher Kloxin

Enhancing biological materials by incorporating synthetic entities onto them, making new hybrid materials with specific functionalities.

Nicole Halaszynski, '22

Senior Scientist, Merck