The UD Center for Hybrid, Active, and Responsive Materials (UD CHARM) is one of 11 Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers (MRSECs) funded by the National Science Foundation in 2020. Twenty of these centers are located at research institutions across the United States (U.S.) as of 2023.

MRSECs are an important part of the materials science enterprise in the U.S. with a focus on fundamental research. They serve as hubs for national and international collaboration in research and industry partnerships, and also are critical developers of educational and outreach content for the materials community.


Create a world-recognized hub of interdisciplinary integration and infrastructure development to drive cross-cutting materials innovation.


Harness the integrated power of computational design, innovative synthetic and manufacturing processes, and nano-scale characterization to unlock the substantial promise of complex, synthetic materials at multiple length/time-scales.


Leverage materials science as a platform to enhance educational and diversity-focused programming to benefit under-resourced populations.


Place diversity and inclusion at the core of all of our activities. UD CHARM will make a significant impact in the broadening participation of women and underrepresented groups in materials science and STEM through a successful MRSEC experience.

Thomas Epps

Thomas H. Epps, III

LaShanda Korley

LaShanda T.J. Korley