Abhin Suresh
Physics & Astronomy
Advised by Branislav Nikolic

Interview submitted in Fall 2021.

CHARM Interviewer (CI): In technical language, what is the research you do here at CHARM?

Abhin Suresh (AS): My focus is on magnetization dynamics and terahertz emission of/from strongly correlated antiferromagnetic materials.

CI: What is a skill you would like to build on while being a part of CHARM?

AS: Being part of a group to work on research. CHARM provides that exact opportunity where I can meet with my fellow peers and discuss research.

CI: What’s your favorite part of being with CHARM?

AS: I was able to host a student hosted seminar which helped my networking skills. I was given the opportunity to take few modules to school students at grade 4,5,6. I love breaking down science and explaining to students/general audience. That’s where I test myself, if I really learned something.

CI: Are there any other student/campus organizations you belong to?

AS: The Indian Grad Student Association (IGSA).

CI: What do you enjoy doing on your downtime outside of the lab?

AS: I like watercolor painting, digital art, designing 3d models in Autodesk Maya and attaching control units like bones to the design to enable animation, photography, trekking, and driving.