Subhash Bhatt
Physics & Astronomy
Advised by John Xiao

Interview submitted in Spring 2022.

CHARM Interviewer (CI): In technical language, what is the research you do here at CHARM?

Subhash Bhatt (SB): Developing magnetic heterostructures using antiferromagnets that can excite THz emission driven by spin-orbit torque.

CI: What is a skill you would like to build on while being a part of CHARM?

SB: I feel like leadership skill is most demanding in research field. Regular discussions with our inter-disciplinary collaborations help me foster leadership.

CI: What’s your favorite part of being with CHARM?

SB: Taking advantage of and learning about about our research from the different perspectives of various PIs. It is interesting and effective to learn from various collaborators in our university.

CI: What do you enjoy doing on your downtime outside of the lab?

SB: I like connecting with myself through meditation and hiking.