Center for Hybrid, Active, and Responsive Materials

UD CHARM is a hub of interdisciplinary integration and infrastructure development to drive cross-cutting materials innovation. Using its materials science platform, UD CHARM is committed to training a new generation of innovators with focused diversity and education programming.

Soft Matter for All Returning in October 2021

Applications are OPEN to graduate students and postdoctoral researchers interested in Soft Matter for All or Rising Stars — an early career development partnership between three MRSECs.


IRG 1: Peptide Active Materials

Developing new bioinspired materials with targeted architectures and the capacity to generate simple machine movement.

IRG 2: Hybrid Quantum Materials

Combining unconventional materials to create hybrid quantum constructs that significantly advance spectroscopy, sensing, and imaging technologies.

Our Mission

Create a world-recognized hub of interdisciplinary integration and infrastructure development to drive cross-cutting materials innovation.

Our Vision

Harness the integrated power of computational design, innovative synthetic and manufacturing processes, and nano-scale characterization to unlock the substantial promise of complex, synthetic materials at multiple length/time-scales.


Soft Matter for All Returning in October 2021

Soft Matter for All Returning in October 2021

Participants from last year's Soft Matter for All symposium. The NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers (MRSECs) of Princeton University, University of Chicago, and University of Delaware will hold symposia and career workshops geared for early career...

Young Investigator Award

Young Investigator Award

Engineering professor honored for excellence in molecular beam research Periods of history are often defined by the materials used to make critical tools — from the stone age to the bronze age to today — a period some experts regard as the silicon age. Silicon is used...

ACS Celebrates Black Chemists

ACS Celebrates Black Chemists

To honor African American History Month, the American Chemical Society (ACS) is celebrating Black chemists and chemical engineers advancing their fields in new and exciting ways. CHARM Director, Prof. Thomas Epps, III, is highlighted in this video alongside six...

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