Center for Hybrid, Active,
and Responsive Materials

UD CHARM is a hub of interdisciplinary integration and infrastructure development to drive cross-cutting materials innovation. Using its materials science platform, UD CHARM is committed to training a new generation of innovators with focused diversity and education programming.


IRG 1: Peptide Active Materials

Developing new bioinspired materials with targeted architectures and the capacity to generate simple machine movement.

IRG 2: Hybrid Quantum Materials

Combining unconventional materials to create hybrid quantum constructs that significantly advance spectroscopy, sensing, and imaging technologies.

Our Mission

Create a world-recognized hub of interdisciplinary integration and infrastructure development to drive cross-cutting materials innovation.

Our Vision

Harness the integrated power of computational design, innovative synthetic and manufacturing processes, and nano-scale characterization to unlock the substantial promise of complex, synthetic materials at multiple length/time-scales.

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