Jessica Thomas
Materials Science & Engineering
Advised by LaShanda Korley

Interview submitted in Fall 2021.

CHARM Interviewer (CI): In technical language, what is the research you do here at CHARM?

Jessica Thomas (JT): I’m investigating the use of coiled-coil peptide bundles as functional nanofillers in polymer composites. Inclusion of higher order rigid-rod structures in hydrophilic networks is expected to give rise to increased stiffness and changes in network morphology.

CI: What is a skill you would like to build on while being a part of CHARM?

JT: Getting more experience with presenting my research and networking skills.

CI: Are there any other student/campus organizations you belong to?

JT: Women in Engineering (WIE)

CI: What do you enjoy doing on your downtime outside of the lab?

JT: I enjoy hiking, traveling, and baking!